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An essential part of digital media is the ability to create, manipulate and composite digital images. The modern way of communicating your message over the internet is via attractive meaningful images and video clips.

Most people don't want to read through paragraphs of apparently meaningless text before getting to the point. Images are mostly more intuitive and straight to the point, a principle of
what you see is what you get strikes appeal in the general public and will usually remain in one's memory for much longer periods than lines of text.

Let us refine your client's online experience by creating snappy graphics and appealing images. Click here for a colour wheel.


Below are a few concept sketches to get the feel for the character.
The character evolves, a meeting is held and one is chosen.
The character is then converted into a coloured vector version ready for final approval.
Once the character is approved and the colours are chosen, our 3D team converts the 2D vector version into a full 3D model.
Once the characters mesh has been finalized it goes through the various processes of texture mapping, creation of 2D texture images, joint rigging and skinning, thorough posing and animation testing, lighting, rendering and final composite to produce your desired output.
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